Director`s Message

Dr. Smt. Sonali Rode the Asst. Professor, Department of English of Govt. Rajaram College Kolhapur is now the I/C Director of the Pre-IAS training centre Kolhapur. To help the PITC to function smoothly,  there is a staff at various levels. The staff consists of Superintendent, Junior Clerk, Librarian / Warden, Office Peons, Sweeper and Watchman. Read More




The Pre-IAS Training Centre (PITC) came into existence in 1985. PITC was initially started at Willington College, Sangli, in 1985, vide G.R.No.IAS1084/ 28607/[61/84]/vishi-1dt.30/9/1985. Subsequently this Centre was shifted to the famous Rajaram College Campus, Kolhapur,in 1986, vide G.R.No.IAS1089/853/vishi-1 dt.6/10/1986.